Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Disneyland Paris Update !

After yesterday's WDS' Update here is the one about DLP Disneyland Park, thanks to Max Fan from Dlrp Welcome and D&M contributor. As usual, the month of january is the coldest one at DLP but this doesn't stop the guests to come in the park even   when it's snowing. It's also the maintenance month as we will see in a few seconds. Let's start by Main Street U.S.A...

...Where the famous big coffee cup over Main Street Motors - was removed for maintenance. Apparently they will have too to do some repainting on the billboard.

Let's move to Sleeping Beauty Castle with Main Street Trolley!

The highly popular Disney Dreams show is undeniably great but the water projected by the fountains close to the castle bridge are not without consequences. It's no big drama but DLP maintenance should keep an eye on this and clean it regularly before it gets worse...

Let's move to Adventureland...

...Where Pirates of Caribbean is now closed for two months for it's biggest rehab in years. As i told you last week, and although it would be a good surprise, don't expect to see Jack Sparrow Audio-Animatronics and others new POTC special effects when it will re-open as it's apparently not in the program. 

Something else in Discoveryland, now... in Videopolis the Lion King stage is now being removed. The works inside Videopolis are hidden by giant curtains.

As i've told you, January is also the month during which chances are to have some snow in the park, which generally looks great. So far there has been just a little bit of snow but on this second part of the article we will have a look in areas of the park where you still can see it, beginning by Space Mountain dome. As you'll see the snow is not at all in the same proportions than in the previous years, and thanks to the clear blue sky, by the end of the day the snow had almost disappeared.

Let's move to Fantasyland...

Let's go to Frontierland!

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Pictures: copyright Disney or Max Fan - Dlrp Welcome

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